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Bringing transformational change to the diagnostics health Sector

We are proud to welcome you to one of Nigeria's best Diagnostics. We have expert team members as well as fully-functional facilities to cater for your health needs 24/7.

Our Story

PathMedic Diagnostics Limted (PDL), Nigeria, was registered in Nigeria in 2015 with CAC Registration Number 1285717 as one of the foremost medical diagnostic centres in Nigeria with state of the art diagnostic equipment dedicated to providing affordable diagnostic services with great transparency and care. Along with molecular and pathological lab services PDL boasts of advanced and latest in diagnostic imaging technology for Digital Xray imaging, CT scan and MRI.


To deploy healthcare solutions that provides prompt and accurate medical diagnostic information of the highest standards and simultaneously responds to patient needs for laboratory services with respect and compassion.

Our Mission:

To be one of the leading medical diagnostic provider in Africa by incorporating available innovative technologies that make medical tests accessible, fast, accurate and meaningful for patients and doctors.